Installation of Industrial Environmental Liners.

In addition to the construction and erection of steel structure, we, at Braxton Enterprises, Inc., also provide installation of Industrial Environmental Liners.

We take pride in being one of the industry’s largest provider of geocomposites, geomembranes, geocomposite clay liners, and related materials.Our field crew is experienced in the installation of ventilation tubing, French drains, geotextiles, and conductive liner systems and testing. We work closely with engineers and contractors on the design, planning, layout, and installation of landfill caps and leachate liners. Since our inception, our crews have successfully installed geomembrane in some of the most challenging basins and harshest conditions around the world. Whether you’re looking for tank liners, landfill liners, or secondary storage systems, we always create a solution that works for you.

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