Steel Plate Construction.

At Braxton Enterprises, Inc., we offer specialized steel plate construction services. We are committed to delivering superior service and Quality, which enables us to continue to propel the company today.

Steel plate construction is a quick method of constructing heavy reinforced concrete items. At a steel fabricator, assemblies are built. Each assembly comprises two parallel plates joined with welded stringers. The assemblies are transferred to the site of the job and placed with a crane. The plates are then welded to form parallel walls combined with stringers. Lastly, the space between the plate walls is filled with concrete. Since the construction time is almost half, sunk interest costs for massive construction projects are about half when this process is utilized. Steel plate construction method is of particular interest for the rapid construction of nuclear power plants that use large reinforced concrete structures and typically have long construction times, with hefty interest costs.

Our steel plate construction capabilities differentiate us from others in the steel industry, with plasma and oxy-fuel burning, drilling, beveling, counterboring, tapping, countersinking, forming, rolling, and ASME Code welding.

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